webGUI slow but only main page

  • Hello!

    I'm noticing the main page is quite slow to load in comparison with the rest. Just for the record I've also tried removing ALL the widgets but I get same result.

    Here's a video to show you: https://d.pr/v/nbHPWP

    I've checked most common settings but I couldn't find anything. Is this normal behaviour and I'm being nit-picky?


  • The same question ...


    was asked 1 inch lower.
    It has some possible explanations.

  • @gertjan thanks! I've checked that post but it seems in that case he's waiting quite a few of seconds. I'm waiting here like a 2 seconds or so to load the main web page, while the others are loading almost instantly.

    In any case I've tried removing the DNS (I had and on General setup) and disabled automatic updates checker. Still same problem. I'm guess this is just normal 🤔

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