radvd.conf syntax error - won't start

  • radvd does not start on startup and if I try to start it I getting the an error in the syslog -

    /status_services.php: The command '/usr/local/sbin/radvd -p /var/run/radvd.pid -C /var/etc/radvd.conf -m syslog' returned exit code '1', the output was '/var/etc/radvd.conf:11 error: syntax error' 

    The radvd.conf file is auto-generated and I haven't altered it though any changes should get wiped. It is:-

    # Automatically Generated, do not edit
    # Generated for DHCPv6 Server lan
    interface re1 {
    	AdvSendAdvert on;
    	MinRtrAdvInterval 5;
    	MaxRtrAdvInterval 20;
    	AdvLinkMTU 1500;
    	AdvDefaultPreference medium;
    	AdvManagedFlag on;
    	AdvOtherConfigFlag on;
    	prefix ::101:101/128 {  # error is on this line?
    		DeprecatePrefix on;
    		AdvOnLink on;
    		AdvAutonomous on;
    		AdvRouterAddr on;
    		AdvValidLifetime 86400;
    		AdvPreferredLifetime 14400;
    	route ::/0 {
    		AdvRoutePreference medium;
    		RemoveRoute on;
    	RDNSS :: { };
    	DNSSL lan  { };

    I'm on 2.4.5 dev snapshots (build 2.4.5.a.20190213.0609) so if it's related to that then let me know.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You shouldn't be getting a /128 prefix delegated. That isn't valid to use for SLAAC advertising and so on, it has to be a /64. That's also not a complete prefix specification.

    Is that coming from upstream or somewhere in your configuration?

  • I haven't specified it anywhere so I presume it is coming from upstream, though I'd need some guidance on how to check it properly.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Set Debug in the DHCP6 Client Configuration on WAN as well, then check the logs (main system log, routing log, etc) to see what shows up.

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