Files downloaded via HTTP Web are droped without any log.

  • I have Wifi Access Point connected devices.

    I'm using SNORT.

    When I'm trying to download a file (Zip, ISO, EXE, MSI etc.) bay a Web page from Microsoft, SourceForge etc.

    Files are droped before they are loaded on the PC.

    If some time I make multiple try, file is downloaded.

    Problem is the same then SNORT is disabled.

    When the problem ocure there isn't any trace in the logs (\var\log\system, snort, Firewall etc.).

    pfsense version is 2.4.4-p1
    Snort last version
    PC is an Intel Nuc i3 16Gb ram.
    Disk is 500Gb SSD.
    Firewall is at DMZ rear a router.

    Do you have a solution?


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