blocking private networks to check or not to check

  • system info:
    1)the isp's cable modem - first in line from the street
    2)the isp's router is next - with dhcp running (
    3)then my firewall - -wan (dhcp assigned and reserved by router) lan (static) with dhcp running (can't seem to get spectrum to allow a static wan, nor can I get the firewall between the cable modem and the router, where I would like it)
    4)last my servers and clients.

    Question: should I uncheck the "blocking private networks" and if unchecked is there any security issue with outside traffic by doing this?

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    If you want any traffic to enter the WAN Interface you need to uncheck 'Block private networks'.
    For example if you want to forward any ports for like OpenVPN and so on.


  • Thanks for the info.
    I look at this and see if I can get Teamspeak3 to work,
    not sure how to test it, I use to be able to do this:
    connect to (lan ip) to see if it was up
    connect to ( public ip,, of course this fake and is just for the ex)

    this would allow me to see if TS3 was accessible from the internet.
    as I've been read, it does not look like that will work any more.

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