2.4.4-p2 to 2.5 upgrade experience

  • I've followed the netgate guide and removed all packages, did reboot, changed repository and yep it showed me the new version. I've pressed update button or whatever it named and then update stuck "initializing system update". Googled a bit and found that peoples have the same troubles when Ipv6 is enabled. I have it enabled, yes. Disabled this and voila! It started. Downloaded 1xx packages, did something else and rebooted. It went back too fast, beeping that booted successfully, but never pinged or coming back online. Thanks god, I have IPMI!
    I've logged remotely and that what I got on the screen 42e83b65-0d60-4339-aea3-426df7e4d29c-изображение.png
    This is clearly said that update process broke everything, at least PHP and mpd, yes I have PPPoE WAN and mpd refused to start with similar "missing bla-bla .so" error. Ok, googled a bit and found some topic, where jimp recommends to start force upgrade by issuing pfSense-upgrade -d command. Ok, tried it. No luck. Yep we don't have internet running and mpd is broken also. Lets see if embedded ppp daemon is alive? Oh, yes, thanks god it starts fine. With aid of reading mans for ppp I've successfully configured it for the my pppoe isp and started the session. Yes, it worked!
    Tried then again pfSense-upgrade -d and it showed me a lot of packages to be upgraded, pressed yes, did something else, wanted reboot, and... nothing, same errors on screen. Ok, reconnected Internet again. "pkg update"... latest version
    Hmm... pkg upgrade then! It found again a bunch of packages and asked am I sure to update everything, I said yes and finally after reboot I've got working system. Yep it have been taken about hour but it is good experience and may be a way to give some feedback for Netgate

  • Tried again latest snapshot, now I did not disabled IPv6, but update was extremely slow, ended up with the same dynamic library mess. When tried to update manually via "pkg upgrade' there was some error about vital flag on PHP, so I've ended up restoring zfs snapshot of 2.4.4

  • Had a similar experience. Was originally on 2.5 and discovered that when I tried to enable 6RD with a Centurylink PPPOE connection, it would not pass the test-ipv6.com tests. Made several attempts without success. Switched back to 2.4.4_p2/p3 and found 6RD configuration working there. Tried upgrading to 2.5 and ran into the "unable to load dynamic library's" on the console screen. To get pfsense functioning again, I had to resort to a fresh memstick installation.

    Tried installing 2.5 from a memstick, no luck getting 6RD working that way. Switched back to 2.4.4_p3 for now. If there is some debuging that would be helpful, let me know. I think I ran into multiple issues; unable to find *.so file problems, corruption of a configuration file and ipv6 not working quite right at different times in the testing.

    Standard PPPOE WAN fiber connection (vLan tagging provided by an upstream managed switch) with one Openvpn Server running and two clients. Also have a parallel lab router setup with a functioning 6RD connection so I know it has to do with 2.5 on the pfsense.

  • My IPv6 is also PPPoE based. It works on 2.4.x and on 2.5, but if do not disable it before upgrade than I have two scenarios — update stuck on the first stage and never continues or update starts, take hours to complete (extremely slow download!) and just ends with corrupted installation.

    Did 2.4.4-p3 upgrade to 2.5. Success!

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