Automating packet capture

  • My friends and I want to capture all incoming and outgoing traffic in a network. So we plan on using pfsense as the router but how do we go about automating the whole process of capturing the traffic.

    I know you can capture traffic through the web ui or you can do it using the pfsesne machine itself using the shell and tcpdump but these ways only do it once for a predetermined time. Is there a way we can automate the tcpdump in pfsense and send the pcap file to another computer? Is there a way to use a script from MachineA and ssh into pfsense and download the file into MachineA? (ie. send the captured data to another computer where we can process it)

    Alternatively, would simply using a linux distro as the router be better in our scenario. What would be the advantage and disadvantage?

    Sorry if this is a lot of questions, new to pfsesne and general networking.

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