Multicast through multiple VLAN

  • Hey guys.

    For a client of mine, I installed a new alert system in the school that is network based.
    The system has an application that allows to cast the sound of the computer through the speakers.
    This application uses Multicast to transmit the data between the computer and the speakers

    Unfortunatly the computer we use to cast and the speakers are on two separated VLAN and my PFsense server is my router

    Here is a look of my network :

    Capture du 2019-09-03 15-52-56.png

    The rules on my Firewall allow all the trafic between the two VLANS ( Allow ***** on both interfaces)(yes it's a test environment)

    I configured IGMP Proxy as follow :

    Capture du 2019-09-03 15-58-02.png

    Atelier is my DMZ.

    The thing is, my latest research made me think that IGMP Proxy isn't functionning anymore.

    I found a lot of posts talking about that kind of installation, but nothing was fonctionning and everything was about older versions of PFsense.

    I think i'm missing a point around here and i can't put my finger on it.

    I was hoping somebody found a solution to that millenial question.
    Is it maybe something to do with switch I use?

    Good day to you all.

  • Thanks for your answer

    Actually, it didn't solve my problem but I could have a bit more logs and a few idea for me to search

    Do you know if there is a way to make IGMP v1 and v3 to work together?

  • Do you know if there is a way to make IGMP v1 and v3 to work together?

    I do not.

    IGMP sounds like a different issue than the above question!??

  • @chpalmer

    Well i agree but as i don't really fully understand what i'm doing and seeing, i try to understand what i read in the logs of PIMD

    Thanks anyway for your time ;)

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