ipv6 rule created with a /32 causes host connectivity issues

  • When using IPv6 I lose connectivity on the host interface when adding an IPv6 address to a dataplane interface.

    Running tcpdump shows ping requests inbound, but the reply is going out vpp1.

    Looking at the ip rules, there is a rule with the source address of the dataplane interface and a /32 bitmask. I imagine this is meant to be a /128.

    [root@tnsr ~]# ip -6 rule list
    0:	from all lookup local 
    1000:	from all to fd00:0:0:1::105/64 lookup main 
    5000:	from fd00:0:0:1::105/32 lookup 75 
    32766:	from all lookup main
    [root@tnsr ~]# ip -6 route show table 75
    default via fe80::6 dev vpp1 metric 1024 pref medium

  • Hi Shem,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. As we have been discussing over email, we have reproduced the issue and working on it.


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