Using Group ACL with Common ACL

  • Hello, I'm configuring squidGuard and I'm facing this problem:

    I configured the Common ACL as such: !social_media all
    where "social_media" contains the following domains:

    This way all computers on the network have only these domains blocked, okay. But I have computers in which some of these sites, like Facebook, should be whitelisted, so I created this Group ACL for my IP ^facebook all
    where "facebook" contains the domain

    Even though I ignored the "social_media" target in the Group ACL, it whitelists everything, not only If instead of ignoring (or allowing, it doesn't matter) social_media I deny it (^facebook !social_media all), then it works as expected. It seems the Common ACL is completely overridden by Group ACLs, even when they're set to ignore a target. What am I doing wrong?

    This is my squidGuard.conf file:

    Thanks in advance.

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