Proxmox 'Guest Agent not running' [workaround]

  • I feel really stupid asking this, and I honestly did search all over.

    How do I fix a pfsense vm hosted inside Proxmox (qemu/kvm) host so that the guest agent works? Currently it just says under IPs: "Guest Agent not running".

    Don't really mind that the IPs aren't listed, but in the instance that I want to reboot the host the pfsense box just sits there and does nothing. Doesn't try to reboot. Kind of a bummer.

    Years ago I moved pfsense out of the virtualized environment into real hardware again, but I still like to play with it in the vm for misc experiments.

  • Have you ACPI support enabled in Proxmox?

    There is no Qemu guest agent inside pfSense at this time, but shutdown and reboot works fine with ACPI here.

  • Looking at the web interface it is enabled on that VM. ... just doesn't seem to do anything.

  • When you run

    dmesg | grep acpi

    in the pfSense shell, do you get something back?

  • I'm clearly not bright enough to know what I'm looking for.

    dmesg | grep acpi
    acpi0: <BOCHS BXPCFACP> on motherboard
    acpi0: Power Button (fixed)
    cpu0: <ACPI CPU> on acpi0
    cpu1: <ACPI CPU> on acpi0
    cpu2: <ACPI CPU> on acpi0
    atrtc0: <AT realtime clock> port 0x70-0x71,0x72-0x77 irq 8 on acpi0
    hpet0: <High Precision Event Timer> iomem 0xfed00000-0xfed003ff on acpi0
    acpi_timer0: <24-bit timer at 3.579545MHz> port 0x608-0x60b on acpi0
    pcib0: <ACPI Host-PCI bridge> port 0xcf8-0xcff on acpi0
    acpi_syscontainer0: <System Container> on acpi0
    acpi_syscontainer1: <System Container> port 0xcd8-0xce3 on acpi0
    acpi_syscontainer2: <System Container> port 0x620-0x62f on acpi0
    atkbdc0: <Keyboard controller (i8042)> port 0x60,0x64 irq 1 on acpi0

  • At any rate fixed the issue by simply turning off the guest agent item in proxmox. System then responds to normal ACPI.

  • @skogs
    So obviously Proxmox tries to use the guest agent if it's activated and does not send ACPI signals, even if it has recognized that the agent isn't running. 🙄
    Didn't know that. However, since pfSense has no Qemu guest agent there's no reason for activating it.

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