Help to set up HAProxy on my pFsense - multiple SSL domains, one public IP

  • Hi guys! I need a little help to set up HAProxy on my home lab. First of all: i have multiple domains with SSL on my server. I have a Synology NAS too, and im using some syno applications.

    So this is the start point:
    1 public ip
    2 host
    5 domains
    4-5 application / host (websites, syno cloud, etc)

    Im using pFsense 2.5 dev + haproxy-devel 0.60_4

    I cannot find any working tutorial for this situation. There is one domain, and about 3-4 subdomain on it, what im using for my apps (so this domain should point to my synology).
    The other 3-4 domain runs on my HP server, im hosting some websites for my friends for free.

    I have tired some tutorials, but mostly i got http 503 error. It is possible to get this work? With SSL?

    Thanks for your help.

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