ntopNG Disk usage and IO

  • Hi,
    If I have ntopNG installed on my box with a small SSD (12GB) but set the time series to influxDB will it still consume lots of HDD space and will it still cause extra IO decreasing SSID lifetime. Also if it is set to go to influxDB what happens if that box is offline?

    Any tips on decreasing IO and usage?


  • Anyone?

  • I've got the same question -- I really like all the data that ntopng can provide, but it's killing my SSD due to all the frequent writes of RRD data. Darkstat is not as useful as I can't map external traffic IPs to internal ones.

    I did enable a ramdisk for /tmp and /var (System -> Advanced -> Miscellaneous) but would rather not do that if I can find another option.

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