Cannot ping OPT1 interface between two pfSense boxes.

  • Here's my setup, which I intend to install CARP on when I have them communicating correctly.

    Two Dell PowerEdge 1850 machines with one of the Broadcom NICs turned off (I was plagued with Network Interface Mismatch errors when both were turned on. I think there is something buggy here as I've never seen a response in the forums that overcomes this issue reliably when using multiple NICs from the same manufacturer). In each machine I have added an Intel NIC & a 3COM NIC.

    em0 (onboard Broadcom) is assigned to the LAN with in the first box & in the second (these will be virtualized to later for CARP)
    fxp0 (Intel) is assigned to the WAN with Static addresses at and respectively (again later to be virtualized for CARP)
    el0 (3com) is assigned to the OPT1 interface, which I have renamed to SYNC on each box. One box has the address & the other Both interfaces are enabled.

    On each box I have created a Firewall rule for the SYNC interface that passes all traffic any protocol everywhere i.e. all * in the Proto, Source, Port, Destination, Port, Gateway boxes. I then hooked the two SYNC interfaces together by a crossover cable. Status/Interfaces shows both SYNC interfaces are UP. Diagnostics/Routes shows what I think is correct, i.e.:  link#1    UC    0    0    1500  xl0

    So I thought that with the firewall rules created, the route table looking fine & the interfaces connected by a crossover cable I should be able to ping the other machines SYNC interface from Diagnostics/Ping, but no dice, I get:

    Ping ( from :56 data bytes
    –- ping statistics ---
    3 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss.

    I know I must have missed something, but no matter how many time I go over it I cannot see my mistake, which there must be.

    Can anyone help me see the error of my ways?


  • Please ignore my ramblings. It was a state issue.


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