Embedded 1.2.3-RC1 Changing theme is removing config.xml time-update-interval

  • After playing a bit with 1.2.3 Embedded, I was capturing packets and saw a lot of ntp traffic.  I saw that my config.xml was missing the time-update-interval.

    Trying to replicate my problem, I was able to by changing the theme from one to the other.

    Can someone else confirm this


  • Do you mean that after the <time-update-interval>there is no value in the config.xml?

    Its like that on my embedded and in my full install boxes.


  • Partially,

    originaly, I have in my config.xml


    after a couple of theme changes I get to the point you are at so only

    That causes the ntp client to continously go for the ntp server asking for time, that is waht I discovered by looking at the capture.

    I think the Time Update interval used to be configurable in the web interface…  Will be nice to get back this field and would probably solve the issue.


  • Any chances to see this time interval setting back in the web GUI?



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