Squid disable multiple sessions

  • Hello, I want to set a server running pfsense with squid. I want to be sure that users aren't using the same login in different PCs or using proxy behind mine to permit access to more users than allowed.

    Thanks for helping.

  • @atn78 use max_user_ip and authenticate_ip_ttl ACL options

    from http://www.squid-cache.org/Doc/config/acl/:

    acl aclname max_user_ip [-s] number
    # This will be matched when the user attempts to log in from more
    # than <number> different ip addresses. The authenticate_ip_ttl
    # parameter controls the timeout on the ip entries. [fast]
    # If -s is specified the limit is strict, denying browsing
    # from any further IP addresses until the ttl has expired. Without
    # -s Squid will just annoy the user by "randomly" denying requests.
    # (the counter is reset each time the limit is reached and a
    # request is denied)
    # NOTE: in acceleration mode or where there is mesh of child proxies,
    # clients may appear to come from multiple addresses if they are
    # going through proxy farms, so a limit of 1 may cause user problems.

  • thanks @viktor_g

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