Upgrading - following the pfSense docs 'Installing and Upgrading' includes having a fall back plan

  • I am about to upgrade my 2.4.4-p3 installs to 2.4.5-p1. Like a good IT pro I read the docs - 'Installing and Upgrading' sections. There I see I should have the old version installation just in case the update fails miserably. However I haven't got it and I can't download it. So, what do do?

    (TLDR) the docs say, preinstallation tasks #1 and #2 should be done before attempting an upgrade:

    1. Take a configuration a backup
    2. Have a fall-back plan - if the worst happens
    3. Do the upgrade, with note taken of old to new version specifics

    I have no problem with #1 and #3. However, #2 is not so simple (or I misread it).

    From the docs:
    "Downgrading a full installation to previous releases directly in-place is not supported. Very rarely is it desirable or necessary to go back to a prior release. Should that be necessary, the previous version must be reinstalled and a configuration backup from that version must be restored. Configurations from newer versions cannot be restored to older versions."

    I don't have the 2.4.4-p3 installation media still, and now I find I can't download it. I have searched these forums - I found a post from the forum admins when someone else asked how to get old versions, saying they remove the old version downloads when a new one is relased (as they don't want to allow access to a version with known vulnerabilities).

    I agree its a bad idea to install any version other than the current release for a new firewall build - but what should I do about having a fall-back plan, should the worst happen to the CE installation I use at home? I can put in an SG1100 I guess, but not too happy with losing the extras I get from the CE install to a PC with the crypto CPU extensions.

    I have requested the old install USB image for my two Netgate SG1100 appliances (and received it, thanks to support responding on a Sunday). What about the community edition installation?

    Maybe the gods are telling me to out try Untangle?

    If anyone has the AMD64 2.4.4-p3 CE USB install media (serial or VGA), send me a (https://send.firefox.com?) download link?

  • @greeners I have the iso.gz if that would do. Ignore as needed. Otherwise, you may be able to open a ticket at Netgate and they may provide a link.

  • @greeners

    Netgate will remove older versions for well thought out reasons!
    (take that into account and they are absolutely right...)

    They don’t even like it when we help each other in this (because it is a step backwards):


    (there is no support for this, this is understandable)

    I have one, but I’m definitely not opting for a browser-based share, maybe Dropbox(?)

  • I have got the image now. Thanks to all for offers of help.

    I will be keeping a complete archive of install images locally from here on.

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