something wrong with openvpn ip detection

  • There is a problem with the way the ip of the openvpn is detected in the newer 2.5 development snapshots.

    On Pfsense it says my openvpn ip is but everywhere i test on the internet my ip is and not as pfsense claims it is.
    And when stopping the openvpn service and starting it again or restarting the service i get the same ip address it used to give me a different one when doing that.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The 81 address it the remote server address. That's the only one pfSense can see. Your VPN provider is doing NAT so it appears to come from yet another different address. pfSense has no way to tell what that is in the OpenVPN status since it isn't relevent to OpenVPN itself.

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