VMWare Install - WAN Gateway Offline

  • Hey everybody, having a bit of trouble getting my first pfsense install off the ground. Went with 2.4.5-p1 in a VMWare ESXI 7.0 VM. Have two physical interfaces mapped two 2 virtual switches. The first is reserved for the WAN, and is passed directly to the pfsense machine. The second has a number of port groups, including my LAN and some local VM port groups, and which goes out to a network switch.

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to get any sort of internet connection up, and after some poking around, the issue appears to be related to talking with the WAN Gateway. I have a static IP from my provider (metronet), so I've set the WAN interface to the provided IP address (104.abc.efg.60), the gateway to the provided gateway (104.abc.efg.1) and the mask to \26, based on the provided mask. I set the DNS to and And I apply changes and reboot to make sure everything's kicking.

    But in the ARP table the WAN Gateway shows up with a MAC address of (incomplete) and a status of Expired. Deleting this entry and rebooting causes the same entry to appear. Packet capture for the gateway IP shows a bunch of who-has requests which seem to go unanswered.

    The strangest thing is that if I switch back to my Netgear router, everything works fine. I've even tried rebooting my ONT. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, because I'm at a loss!

  • Netgate Administrator

    That is a layer 2 issue. Either that NIC is not passed through to pfSense correctly or the ONT is rejecting the MAC address. Rebooting would normally reset that bit not always.

    Try some other device using the public IP directly. If that also fails and the Netgear is the only thing that works you will need to spoof the MAC address or call the ISP and have them reset it.