Feature Request (UI fix) Double spacing locked

  • Using Firefox all the time. So it happens on all versions of Firefox. And resizing the browser window will not fix this.

    On LAN/RULES, I get 2 lines for each entry, and only after I have added the "block LAN DNS leak" rule.
    If I delete this rule, the whole page finally reformats to one line per rule.

    If you have a lot of rules, the page gets quite long if they are double-lines.

    The attached picture shows a "before", top of the picture, when the rule is still there, and the double line spacing, if you delete the rule you get single lines as shown on the "after" (bottom of the picture).


  • My guess is that the text 53 (DNS) doesn't fit the collum width, and the text is split in two lines.

    It doesnt bother me ... But i guess everyone has their pref.

    I see the same "split" if i'm using alias names , that exceed the width.