ESXi 3 + 3 virtual pfSense 1.2.2-VM "boxes"

  • Hi,
    because I only have 2 PPoE lines, and 2.0 isn't stable yet i am trying this:

                                     >-----pfsense(firewalling, loadbalancing)----lan

    ... all in an vmware esxi 3.5 environment ...

    a) could it work with maybe virtual network devices? i just have 3 network cards.
    b) will there be problems with ppoe?

    after reading some information it is possible to setup virtualized ethernet-cards, but i dont think that this is possible with esx 3.5i+infrastructure client. i will give full vspere evaluation a try…

    would be great if smo. could tell if he setup'd a design like above with esxi 3.5 - and what tools are necessary.

    after some searching i found the virtual lan editor + virtual switches. later more…

  • I know that CARP will do it.  I have had it working with XenServer with one DLS connection.  I had trouble getting it to fail back correctly.  That was with a much ealier verison and I have not tested it again.  But I know it works.

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