Websockets configuration in HAProxy

  • Hi Forum
    I having setup a HAproxy on Pfsense - for handling our incomming request to webpages.
    One of the sites are running Qlik

    I'm struggling since the server is using websockets.
    I can find other guides on using HAProxy directly - as described Here

    I'm not running as Loadbalancing since the setup is a testsetup - for development on our Qlik server.

    But what I do not get and do not know where to configure - is these lines:

    ## routing based on Host header
      acl host_ws hdr_beg(Host) -i ws.
      use_backend bk_ws if host_ws
    ## routing based on websocket protocol header
      acl hdr_connection_upgrade hdr(Connection)  -i upgrade
      acl hdr_upgrade_websocket  hdr(Upgrade)     -i websocket
      use_backend bk_ws if hdr_connection_upgrade hdr_upgrade_websocket
      default_backend bk_web

    I cannot find where and how to create these Actions since i cannot se the option for how to create these settings. Since Qlik is using websockets - we get a timeout - can refresh and the page are loading - But if I press refresh it'll load the page.
    I've look in generel, frontends and backends but cannot find anywhere I can configure these lines

    Buit I would like the setup to run as smooth as possible without these timeouts

  • @peque
    You should be able to create the acl's like this:

    The 'hdr_beg' looks a bit different than what is generated in the config, but should have the same effect as the '-m beg'. As for the 'use-backend' actions, i guess you can figure that part out? If not ill make a little screenshot that part as well.

  • @piba


    This is just what I have been looking for I have been trying to workout how to do this with bitwarden_rs

    Any chance you could share your a more full screenshot of the backend part too?