• Greetings friends, I hope you can please help me with the following in case someone has already had the opportunity to implement OSPF for ipv4.

    I have the case where I work we must put TNSR as a router that does NAT to output the internet to approximately 5000 residential clients. We have mikrotik routers for internal routing.
    I have activated the OSPF protocol and I have generated the area and interfaces that are going to intervene, after this mikrotik already recognizes TNSR as an OSPF neighbor but they do not exchange any route table, could someone perhaps tell me that it is missing? For the TNSR configuration I followed the steps in the documentation.

    I clarify that I have not yet contracted the TAC Pro support because I would like to try it for a few hours to continue with the purchase of the support.

    TNSR is installed in an XG-1537 appliance, with the original network card of the model that has 2 10Giga SFP + interfaces, and added a network card with 4 10G SFP + interfaces, the same ones that I have put to work in Bond LACP L2 mode, to get 30G to the LAN AND 30G to the WAN, the OSPF serves me only in the LAN Bond to learn the internal networks.

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    @leob We are going to need to see your actual configuration not the documentation you followed.

  • @derelict thank you very much friend.

    Basically I just need TNSR to get the prefixes that the LAN routers advertise to it. TNSR will not make any announcements to the LAN routers.
    The router ID and used the ip of bond1.2500 which is
    This was my setup.
    tnsr(config)# route dynamic ospf
    tnsr(config-frr-ospf)# server vrf default
    tnsr(config-ospf)# ospf router-id
    tnsr(config-ospf)# exit
    tnsr(config-frr-ospf)# interface BondEthernet1.2500
    tnsr(config-ospf-if)# ip address * cost 5
    tnsr(config-ospf-if)# ip address * area
    tnsr(config-ospf-if)# exit
    tnsr(config-frr-ospf)# enable
    tnsr(config-frr-ospf)# exit

    Could you please tell me if something is missing? I appreciate your interest.

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    @leob No that looks OK but I am tracking a potential issue with OSPF and LACP Bond interfaces. It's looking like an issue with Multicast and Bonds and not OSPF-specific. More research necessary.

    Does it appear that the mikrotik is receiving the multicast from the tnsr node but the tnsr node is not receiving from mikrotik? That would dovetail with what I am seeing here.

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    @leob It could also be NAT-related. But OSPF is known to work on NAT inside interfaces so I am leaning toward Multicast+LACP as your potential blocker. Is it possible for you to try to bring it up on a single "normal" interface to check?

  • @derelict if I'm going to try, the problem I see is exactly the one you describe, even in mikrotik the neighbor is recognized and the changes that ospf announces.