• hi all
    im the closest thing to system admin at our company but total noob when it comes to firewalling.

    i set up network like this

    router –-pfsense (dns,transparent etc etc all setup)------ windows server 2003 ----rest of office

    now i can ping goolge from the server and get replies but cant connect to the internet????
    everytime i open a page it asks me for a username and password to access unsecure site??

    now i've configured squid to only block facebook.so i dont think its got anything to do with the rules??
    think its something to do with some server settings?

    please help and overlook my stupidity

  • Sounds like a problem with your Squid configuration, but from your lack of useful information (eg, phrases like "etc etc") it's hard to help you.

    How about you start by providing the version of pfSense and Squid you've installed, along with details for all the other packages.  A note of all the settings you changed from the defaults for squid will be rather important too.