*SOLVED* - RRD not recording data being moved

  • I have PFSense 1.2.2 on a Intel P4 @ 1.3GHz, 384MB RDRAM and 20GB IDE HDD w/ 2 Linksys Gigabit PCI cards. My issue is that the RDD graphs don't record the proper ammount of data that is being passed on the WAN or LAN connections. The graphs do show the proper speeds when something is being downloaded or uploaded, but I only see a few MegaBytes out of GigaBytes that are being moved on these connections. I have backed up the config, reformatted and reloaded the config, but that didn't change anything. I can get the right data being moved when my speeds are under 9 megabits/sec, but when they are over that it just doesn't get counted. I have a 50 megabit download and 10 megabit upload connection. Any suggestions?

  • I was able to solve this issue. I found it wasn't working after I uninstalled BandwidthD, and when I reloaded the settings it reinstalled the package and uninstalled it. I figured this out, resaved my settings without the packages, reloaded 1.2.2, then reloaded my settings and they work again. I also disabled the trafficshapper after I got it working, which isn't a big deal as I don't use it anymore anyway.

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