No wifi connection on Android phone?

  • is there a known problem with connecting an Android phone to my pfsense hot spot? setup is pretty much the same described here [1]. The Android phone (Droid/Milestone) can connect and receives an ip address. but i have no internet/network connection. i have no problems with several other wifi clients. a thinkpad and a win mobile 6.5 are connecting just fine. there must be a problem either on the pfsense or the android side. there's a google wave for this topic [2] and a pretty long thread on the Motorola support forums [3]. perhaps someone with deeper knowledge can figure out how to connect android phones on pfsense.

    i'm currently running 1.2.2 on an alix board.

    [2] search on wave for: with:public Motorola DROID Wifi problems Wave

  • just switched back to m0n0wall 1.3 and everything is working fine.

  • I would really try upgrading to 1.2.3 Release.  There have been a ton of changes and fixes since 1.2.2.

  • Shame on me for double posting, but this thread is closer to my problem.

    I also use a Droid, and have no internet connection.  My pfSense box is running 1.2.3-RC3 on Dell hardware.  It only serves as a gateway/firewall.  Wireless is handled by a Buffalo with DD-WRT operating as a switch.

  • I am confused.  If the buffalo is handling the wifi, how is this related to pfsense wireless?

  • I use Buffalo/DD-WRT routers ubiquitously, and I only have difficulty connecting with my Droid to routers that are behind a pfSense firewall.

    Further, every client in my network, including iPhones and Blackberries can connect to the WiFi and get an internet connection.  Android devices are the only devices that have this issue.

    The problem is not in the WiFi connection, but upstream.  Something in the Firewall is preventing an internet connection for Androids.

  • are the Buffalo routers getting an ip DHCP or Static?
    if dhcp, is it something you assigned it via the DHCP server in pf? if so remove the assignment and it should work (ive had this happen)

  • My buffalo is configured as a bridge only, and has a static IP address.

    The pfSense router doesn't know or care about the buffalo router.  For all it knows, the wireless router is just a switch with wired clients.

  • I don't know how relevant it is to this thread, but the other ipod/iphone threads have been locked so…

    I was running pfsense 1.2.2 as access point (wpa2/tkip) and my ipod was able to connect, but had timeout issues and could not download anything over WiFi.

    Yesterday I upgraded to pfsense 2.0 beta (4-22-2010 build) and now everything is fine with exactly the same WiFi settings.  No timeout issues and downloads are great.

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