Freeradius - Max-All-Session Attr and "Radius Session-timeout"

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with my setup.

    I use CaptivePortal based on pf 1.2.3 RC1 with a external freeradius server. A while ago we start using the "Radius Session-Timeout" option within the CaptivePortal configuration page because the customers were not always logged out from the portal(even if the status –> CaptivePortal page didn´t show any logged in users, some IP´s managed to pass the portal anyway). With Radius Session-Timeout option enabled, we haven´t had the problem with some of the users that haven´t been "logged out". But we modified our billing system so the customers can top up their time while they are logged on. But if I have Radius Session-Timeout option enable with the top up function active, CaptivePortal doesn´t update the new max-all-session value to the active session the customer have and kicks out the user based on the first max-all-session value when the customer logged in.

    Ex. If a customer buy´s a ticket for an hour, during that session he/she does a top up with an extra hour to the same account that he/she is currently using and we do the change in the max-all-session value in the db.

    How do I get CaptivePortal to be aware of the new max-all-session value to the currently ongoing session the customer has, without the need of a new login session?

    Regards / Anders

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