SOLVED! pfSense VM: Multiple interfaces not showing up in GUI

  • Hi all,

    Okay, just started with pfSense, but over VMWare ESXi, so using the pfSense VMWare appliance. I chose 4 interfaces in the VM, (1 WAN, 1 TRUST, 1 DMZ, 1 public). When I go to the console prompt, I can see these interfaces, em0, em1, em2, em3. However, in the admin GUI, I just see the WAN and LAN.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot - appreciate the help.

    Kind regards.

  • Go to Interfaces -> Assign and assign the interfaces. Then they will show up in the Interfaces menu.

  • Hello!

    Thanks for the reply, I suppose you mean that at the console prompt. I did that and it asks me for only two interfaces, em0 and em1. However, when I go to the shell and type ifconfig, it shows me the other interfaces too!

    Any ideas?

    Kind regards!

  • No, I do not mean the console. I mean in the web GUI interface.

  • Thanks! Worked! Appreciate the help!

    Kind regards!

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