Quality graph shows 100% packet loss

  • my quality graph (Status -> rrd graphs -> quality) is showing 100% packet loss.  i am running 1.2.3-RELEASE on dual machines synced together via CARP.  i found a couple other topics regarding this.  i do have a few packets per minute being denied by the default deny rule, the CPU usage is low, and my state table is only 0.25% used.  the traffic that i have allowed works fine and i don't notice any issues with it, so i am unsure what this graph is telling me….

    edit: oh, and i can also ping my gateway from the WAN interface just fine...

  • I'm also seeing the same - it was 'normal' until about November last year, but has been showing 100% packet loss ever since.

    Also running 1.2.3-RELEASE.

    The minimum figure shows as less ( e.g. 98.1% ). It's almost as if there's a 100% offset getting in to the calculation somewhere.

  • this happens usually when theres an issue with the gateway, not sure why it stays at 100% but heres how to fix it:

    at a command line (ssh or the command prompt in webgui)

    $config['interfaces']['wan']['use_rrd_gateway'] = 'x.x.x.x';

    where x.x.x.x is your gateway ip

    from the pfsense docs:

  • Thanks, I'll give that a try.

    How does pfSense measure the quality? I can't ping the gateway IP (as reported under Status/Interfaces), but it must be ok as there are no routing issues !

    Could my ISP changing the IP of the gateway cause the problem?

  • not sure exactly how offhand (its in the book) but it pings the default gateway every so often. if the gateway is changed it could.

  • Sorted it. The modem was giving pfsense the IP for the ISP gateway, which is not the same as the next hop gateway.

    Normal operation has been restored :)

    Thanks again for your help.

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