Fatal error: Unknown function: parse_config() in /etc/inc/config.inc on line 198

  • When I browse around the box for a little wail looking at things I somtimes get.

    Fatal error: Unknown function: parse_config() in /etc/inc/config.inc on line 198

    The only way to fix this is to restart the box.  I have tryed restarting the web gui but this doesn't fix the problem. Then other times it does. I am on v1.01.

    What could be wrong

  • Nobody can reproduce this.  The only thing we can determine is that it happens when you get click happy.

    This appears to be a bug in APC/PHP because that function exists in the file that it complains about.

  • lol damm ghost must be living in my system lol.  It is somtimes when I click around the plae fairly fast so no probs.

    Thanks for the help

  • Hi!

    I saw this error at console when the system is booting.

    I don't know if it is related, but system tries to fopen() php.ini and does'nt find it.

    However, in my case the web interface works correctly, except that sometimes I must to refresh the page. It happens specially when displaying firewall page rules. It allways happens when I want to download the configuration. First time I click for download I go to a blank page. I refresh it and click and the xml file is downloaded.

    I'm working with pfSense 1.0.1 in a FabiaTech FX5620 box (512 MByte Compact Flash) and I'm using IExplorer 6 on a Win2k Server.

    Best regards,

    Josep Pujadas

  • thats sorted it thanks

  • This error is frequent and very restrictive as it prevents the web-interface from further use until reboot.
    The suggested solution is not permanent. I was wondering if a new release will appear soon?
    It will be great if it happens. Or if someone put a developers release later than 22 Nov 2006 on the mirrors.
    With respect to all the team i suppose that there are lots of improvements until now (10 Jan 2007)

    P. Panayotov

  • The new snapshot server has been announced in multiple threads already. Also other snapshots have been posted in the forum since 22 Nov 06.


  • Thanks for the fast reaction. I'll post my opinion for this version later after the test.

    Best regards

  • This is an old thread but I am having the same frequently with 1.0.1 release. I didn't have the problem with RC's. The links to snapshots are dead so I'm guessing current 1.0.1 live cd includes? Thanks!

    Also is there any other way to get webgui back up without rebooting (cosole > 11 doesn't do it)

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