New at openvpn

  • Hi,

    Now I´m using cisco concentrator 3000 to create vpn sessions but I need to learn to create them using another ways…

    I´ve downloaded pfsense and virtualizated it under suse sles9.It was installed and configured, but now I want to try openvpn or a vpn solution....

    This is my enviroment I do not know if openvpn is my solution or another option in pfsense...

    My users with their notebooks need to connect using aes 256 or 3des(better if aes256) to servers with are located in headquarters using vpn.

    Is openvpn my solution? Where can I find manuals or tutorials to follow to?

    best regards


  • I think OpenVPN can accomodate your needs.

    pfSense provides a wonderful implementation of OpenVPN. There are still some kinks to be ironed out, namely the firewall rules for the OpenVPN interface, but they will get it working. Regardless, it works anyway with some manual steps.

    I recommend that you go to and read-up on OpenVPN before jumping into it. It is a very powerful and versatile package and along with that comes a bit of a learning curve.

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