Openvpn routing to ipsec

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to setup openvpn to access into my existing ipsec based vpn. This is what I would like to get:

    Roadwarriors with openvpn client
                                    local office
                            pfsense server (
                          with openvpn (
                                      / |      \          \ 
                                    /  |        \          \   
                                  /    |          \          \       
                                /      |            \          \   
                              /        |              \         
                            /        Office2          \        Office4
                          /    smoothwall(ipsec)    \        smoothwall(ipsec) 
                        /          \     
                      /                                      \       
              Office1                                      Office3
              pfsense(ipsec)                          smoothwall(ipsec)

    Using the tutorial (great work), I can connect to pfsense (local office) and ping all the server in the lan (
    and from the lan to ping the openvpn subnet (
    I Would like to reach also the other subnet, so I've tried to add push <"redirect-gateway def1"> option or add the routing on client configuration but it doesn't work.
    I’ve also created a static route on
      WAN(or LAN)>
    but obviously I’m missing something with routing. :( 
    Can someone help me on this please?

  • Change all roadwarrior tunneldefinitions to
    Local network: LAN subnet
    Remote subnet:

    This way the central pfSense acts as a concentrator and even the satellite offices will be able to talk to each other Not sure about the OpenVPN config for this as I don't use OpenVPN but as you can't route through IPSEC tunnels the above is needed for sure.

  • Hi, tnx for the quick answer, i've just tried to set openvpn
    with the remote subnet as you say, but the problem remain.

    Still no routing… probably i'm missing some settings on the openvpn server to route traffic of the openvpn tunnel through the ipsec tunnel.
    I'll investigate a little more  (or could give a try to pptp  :-\ )

    Yes, I know that with the actual config only local office ( can access through every other subnet, but for now is what we want. Do you think this could be a problem for the mobile user?

    tnx for your help

    PS: does anyone know if it's possible do configure openvpn client with username/password?

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