Stand alone web server

  • I'm not real experienced with FreeBSD but I assume this is feasible.  Has anyone tried to use pfSense as a web server?  The reason I ask is that I use satellite Internet and need to be able to monitor the usage.  I'm going to try pfSense as a transparent firewall between my satellite modem and my local switch.  That way I can watch the traffic and increase the security on the link.  I was planning to use a small fanless micro PC I have floating around and I was originally going to install a web server on it and redirect my web site traffic to that.  Yes it will increase my monthly usage but my web site is informational and very small.  So I was wondering if there was a way to run a second instance of the web GUI and reconfigure it to service a simple web site?  Has anyone tried this?  I don't see any mention of it in these forums.


  • pfSense is a firewall, not a web server.

  • I am well aware of that fact.

    It does however have a web based interface and I have used these interfaces for small scale web servers in the past, not with pfSense, with other application specific distros.  If it can serve the content of the management interface there "should" be no reason why it can't server basic html pages as well.  Think of it as a value added "add-on", an additional option or feature that provide a bit of additional functionality.  If it's not possible in the current configuration, that's fine, and that's why I'm asking before I spend a bunch of time trying to see if it can work.

  • Running a web server on a firewall is not a value-add, its a massive security hole.  What you propose is the definition of a "very bad idea"

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