Firewall and transparent proxy

  • I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I just read the topic "pfSense firewall settings to block facebook" that MikeKulls posted. I was given that information a few days ago from my ISP also. The theroy sound great, however here is my issue. My PFSense box is setup as my default gateway, I have another machine running DHCP/DNS that hands out the PFSense ip as the gateway. PFSense is set up as a firewall and a Squid/SquidGuard content filter. Everything is working great, and has been for a while. I have tried to block facebook in the past, and had success till users founf HTTPS. Now I have all the information I need to do this, and I cant. When I add the firewall rules to block the FB IP networks, they are ignored. So after playing a bit, I found that if I block a specific machine ion my network through the firewall, the machine is block on everything it tries to do(can not ping, not able to login to a Novell Netware server, etc.), but can get to the internet through a web browser. It took me a bit to remember that the proxy is transparent, so all traffic headed to the internet is rewritten to use the localhost(?) thus bypassing the firewall rule based on client ip. Facebook is not the only thing I would like to firewall. Is there any way to get the "client" machine to be both Proxied(transparent), and be able to be blocked at a firewall level? I am sure that the answer is out there, I just have had no luck finding it.

    Thanks in advance for all your help.

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