WAN Rule blocking access to VPN

  • I am having a problem accessing the OpenVPN server over the WAN. According to the firewall logs there is a rule in place that is blocking the connection.

    pf: 24. 525626 rule 43/0(match): block in on re0: > S 2133346155:2133346155(0) win 65535 <mss 1460,sackok,eol="">In the gui I've only setup one rule on the WAN interface to let everything in TCP/UP (for testing) yet there apparently is another rule that I am not seeing.

    Anyone experience this?</mss>

  • go to diagnostics>command and download /tmp/rules.debug. This is the file that gets loaded into the filter. Identify the rule that is causing the block from that file.

  • Thanks. I got it to work when I rebooted pfSense.

    Not sure why that needs to happen.

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