WRAP: 1 eth for dual wan

  • Hello,

    i have a WRAP board with 2 lan interfaces. one for wan and one for lan.
    now i want to connect TWO internet lines (static ip - same subnet) to the ONE wan (ok using a switch to get the two ports) port and make load balanching. is this possible and when yes who to setup? i can change the ip from the ISP if necesarry.


    ISP1 -  – 1 WAN from WRAP -- LAN WRAP -- 192.168.X.Y
    ISP2 -  --


  • no one a solution for this problem?

    when one line is fall back is there any possibility to change the gateway in the WRAP with a sh script when it recognized with ping that one ISp is down?


  • Hello,

    the problem is the default gateway in the rule. i can only set it to default. but for some rules i have to set them to gateway1 and for others to gateway2.
    i only have one wan interface !


  • Not sure this will work.  You'll need to breakup the 2 subnets on 2 interfaces.

    I've seen reports of tricks flying around in the forum but I cannot speak for them so you'll need to do some searches for more information.

  • depending on what you have on the wan side.
    you could have two vlans tagged to the wan interface.

    then just tag your switch on a port for  each vlan and add a port for each of your wan connections.

    as scott said use two differnet subnets

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