Changing bit/s in bytes/s in the traffic graph

  • Hello

    I m'would like to change the default unit of the Y axis in the real time traffic graph (and like to do it , too in rrdtool graph ) .

    In fact i m pleased to change the bit unit  with bytes units as default .

    Where are located theses settings ?

    thanks and regards .

  • For the realtimegraph there is a link inside the graph "switch to bytes". Besides that you can only change the axis to auto or follow. The RRD-Graph doesn't provide an option to odify one of these settings. It's hardcoded.

  • thanks for the reply.

    damned …. then is compiled in the code ?
    i can t hand edit a file ? :-(


  • It's open source so you can edit whatever you want. However those changes will most likely get lost on upgrading your system to the next version unless ou cleanly implement this as options in the webgui and submit your changes so we can include them in the official distribution (depends on developers decision though). Other option is posting a bounty for these changes.