RRD Graph Error

  • Hi guys, I'm new here, and have had my PfSense firewall up for about 2-3 months without issue.  I'm really impressed with this software, it's stable, it's powerful, packages are brilliant, and on top of that, it's free!

    However, recently I've noticed that I can't see the RRD graphs, they tell me to check the system logs.  Upon looking at the system logs, I notice this little (large) entry:

    php: /status_rrd_graph_img.php: Failed to create graph with error code 1, the error is: ERROR: This RRD was created on other architecture/usr/bin/nice -n20 /usr/local/bin/rrdtool graph /tmp/system-processor.rrd-8hour.png –start 1319185630 --end 1319214430 --vertical-label "utilization, number" --color SHADEA#eeeeee --color SHADEB#eeeeee --title "hostname - System :: Processor - 8 hours - 1 minute average" --height 200 --width 620 DEF:"user=/var/db/rrd/system-processor.rrd:user:AVERAGE" DEF:"nice=/var/db/rrd/system-processor.rrd:nice:AVERAGE" DEF:"system=/var/db/rrd/system-processor.rrd:system:AVERAGE" DEF:"interrupt=/var/db/rrd/system-processor.rrd:interrupt:AVERAGE" DEF:"processes=/var/db/rrd/system-processor.rrd:processes:AVERAGE" AREA:"user#990000:user" AREA:"nice#a83c3c:nice:STACK" AREA:"system#b36666:system:STACK" AREA:"interrupt#bd9090:interrupt:STACK" LINE2:"processes#cccccc:processes" COMMENT:"\n" COMMENT:" minimum average maximum current\n" COMMENT:"

    Needless to say… I have NO idea what this means.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You switched between i386 and amd64, we don't have an automated means of switching the RRD data from one architecture to the other.

    (There was a list post recently about how to do it manually though)

  • Thanks for the reply, sorry for the late reply in return!

    I'm not sure how I switched between i386 and amd64.  Could this have happened during the upgrade to the release version?  It now says I'm on i386…  Weird.

    Updating to the amd64 version now.  Thanks again!

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