Doc site up, need contributors

  • An installation of MediaWiki has been put up for the pfSense documentation.  We need all the help we can get to start filling in the pages, and further refine the outline.

  • I just started to fill the docs, as I think I should give something back to the community.
    However there are some problems with the docwiki. The internal link color is black and there is no underline, so there is no way to tell if there are inline links. This should be changed.

    Is there a purpose the documentation of pfsense is split between two wikis ( and and a faq? I think these should be somehow merged (or is there a special idea behind that?)

    regards, ont

  • Thank you ont  :)

    If you add a platform to the doc site and some special settings where needed (Bios, Installer, …) please add them to your information.

  • I just looked at the wiki again and there are still the described color problems. It is very hard to navigate the wiki as one can't distinguish inner-wiki links from standart text. I'd fix the problem myself, but I don't have permission. Also the frontpage is edit locked, as some pages have been filled the general placeholder currently used there should be changed. Aigain I'd to it but can't…

  • Hi!
    I'm not a native English man, but I can create some small docs with screenshots.
    I'm working  on configuration of pfsense , and thanks support in near future I will use pfSense as my firewall.
    But present docs are less then enough, so I'd like to contribute a bit. Maybe add a few screenshots to or something like that.


  • Just sign up for a wiki account and edit the pages that are there.

    To the previous poster:

    In terms of colors, well, tell us how to fix.

    In terms of locking the main page, we got tired of people changing the names of the areas (not knowing what they where doing) and consequently removing the entire pages content.

  • @sullrich:

    Just sign up for a wiki account and edit the pages that are there.

    has a deal link


    which I think probably just shouldn't be a link, and it also seems to have an unusual line in OT comments…

  • @sullrich:

    In terms of colors, well, tell us how to fix.

    Well, let's see what we can do about that:
    It all comes down to editing some CSS code for the Wiki. If you have access to the Mediawiki-dir, look for a file called "main.css".
    There, you will find several definitions for "a" tags. We are looking for the one in section /* general styles */. It should read:

    a {
        text-decoration: none;
        color: #000000;

    Uncommenting the line containgingtext-decoration: noneshould bring back underlined links. If you like, you can also changecolor: #000000;into something more creative than plain black. Maybe```
    color: #7D0101;

    Hope that helps a bit,