Problem with my wireless router.

  • Good day!

    I've just installed pfsense on a non used computer and it's been great! But my wireless router dosen't want to connect with my computer (wifi).

    Normal cable works just great but I just can't get the wireless working.
    The router has no DHCP on, the AP is on and I can see the SSID just fine.
    The router is a Dlink D-624. I also made a network map for easier understanding.

  • Does that wireless bridge LAN and wifi without blocking anything? Do you have anything in the WAN port on the D-Link router?

  • Based on the info you've posted, there seems to be no need to operate both pfsense and your D-Link as routers, doing double NAT.

    I'd use D-Link as a bridged AP, and all devices in the network will obtain IPs from pfsense's ISC dhcpd.

  • The router is connected on a a lan port, the WAN is not used. The D-link doesn't seem to have any bridge mode. Is the problem that both pfsense and dlink is NAT'ing?
    Because my other computers witch is connected via cable has no problem accessing internet.

  • on an unmodified router, the LAN and wifi are already bridged. What is the IP that your wireless is getting? It should be from pfSense.

  • The router doesn't get any ip. I can only set a set ip address for my router.
    I have no idea how to make the router get an ip from pfsense.

  • Sorry, I meant the devices on your Wireless … like a laptop or ipad/iphone/itouch or the like?

  • No they don't. They aren't able to connect at all. They try to connect but gets dropped. I looked at the Dlink logs any found this: DHCP Discover over and over again.
    I don't know if it has something to do with it.

  • Can you manually set an address on one of the wireless devices and see if it goes through?

  • Hi,

    You have to disable the DHCP Service of your DLINK in-order for you to obtain an IP from your pfsense/dhcp server if you connect the wire on the LAN (not on WAN) of your DLINK from your PfSense.

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