Dashboard with gadgets that have a 'configure' menu

  • … and, of course, when you use IE8 or IE9 as a browser does show strange effects.
    I tried Win XP, 6 and 7 systems.

    As soon as I use IE9 (or 8), and I use widgets like "Rss" or "Services status", IEx shows vertical gaps between the gadgets.
    The default "System information" is even aborted half way.
    The issue shows up as soon as a 'configure' menu is present on shown widget.
    I checked with github to see if I use the most recent code (v2.0 Release), which is the case this time  ;)

    My question is: do others (you ?!) saw this behavior also ?
    If the answer is 'yes', I'll the post solution (the problem concerns nestedstatements, isn't closed, etc).

    Btw: I know: not using 'that' browser makes the errors go away, but there is something new here: IE9 doesn't like 'dirty' html coding, and that's NOT a bad thing.

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    Patches accepted. :-)

    Use FF/Chrome if you want to be ensured it functions as intended.

  • I've added Safari to that list.

    Anyway, after a nice chat with git my prod unit was teleported to "2.0.1". Stupid me, that's no good.
    But lucky me: 2.0.1 seems as it should be: better as 2.0 -and I have the latests off all.

    I limit myself to pure html shuffle - no other edits. Only touching index.php and the widgets files.
    I'll prepare a diff -u per file, comment and hand it over for afterthoughts with this http://paste2.org/

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    Or better yet, make a fork on github and submit the changes in the form of a pull request. Very easy to get things in that way.

  • Ok, got the point.
    Installed the github concept in my mind  :P
    Is this the way it should be - is this useful https://github.com/Gertjanpfsense/pfsense
    I forked from https://github.com/bsdperimeter/pfsense so I can follow the 'upstream'.
    I can commit to my private 'origin'.
    One patch is there, see this commit  (try it for yourself, use IEx and have a look at the Dashboard = /index.php page  ;))

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    Yeah that looks good. If you submit a pull request for that commit I'll merge it in.

    If that doesn't work for some reason I can just check the change in by hand.

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    I went ahead and committed this fix since I hadn't heard back. I referenced your name and this forum thread URL in the commit message.

    Thanks for tracking that down and figuring out the fix!

  • Well,

    It was in de middle of many kind of small html changes (mostly the widgets), but something got up with me.
    I use the "master" (not RELENG_2_0) and something broke for me when using 2.0.1 (the problem of living on the bleeding edge).
    The /index.php page was being changed, so that jquery is used now ( the mod before just before mine, here https://github.com/bsdperimeter/pfsense/commits/master?path[]=usr&path[]=local&path[]=www&path[]=index.php - better Ctrl-C,Ctrl-V this link - c69c58e2e7146834c48fb4c3556d2fc18bfd691e )
    After that mod, I can't move the widgets any more - neither remove, neither add. No matter what browser I use.
    Like the jquery concept wasn't implemented well.
    I tried to flush caches everywhere, but no way to make things 'move' again.

    So I waited.

    I'll sync again to the latest version to see if things are up again.

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    Yeah the master version is on jquery and cannot be used with 2.0.x

    If you intend to fix it for 2.0.x you need to switch your git branch to RELENG_2_0 and start with that file. You can use gitsync to sync your box to RELENG_2_0 as well.

  • Ok, switching to RELENG_2_0, ditching master for now.
    I have to sync my (live) pfsense box also (means somewhat downgrading) with this code to get a sane setup.

    Thanks for the fast answer ^^

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