CP+Rotating Password

  • I currently have CP set up and running on a near default setting, nothing special except a custom login page and user authentication, this setup is for a open wifi to the public in a small business. I have one user for the guest to login using it is called guest, the password is located at our front service desk, the customer can ask for it there.

    What I would like to know is, is this a good setup to use in captive portal for guest, with one user account. I would also like to know if it is somehow possible to get a password list of possibly a selected few passwords to rotate and change every so often, and then have the current guest login password be made available for the service desk associate to see what it currently is to hand out to the guest. Or is there some other better method of what I am talking about? Thank you kindly for your time in advance.

  • Depends on the environment, in ones where it's highly unlikely anyone will abuse that way of doing things, it's fine. In others, vouchers are a much better option. In densely populated areas, what you're doing is likely to lead to some abuse from nearby neighbors, and you should use vouchers instead.

  • Ok thank you for your advice, I will look into a procedure for setting up vouchers this week hopefully. I saw some good procedures googling around. That is something I was concerned about, was free loaders in the parking lot or nearby areas, the wifi is up high with a antenna I custom made and the signal goes a good about 75 - 100 yards on a wifi test using airmagnet. So I will definitely look into locking it down some more. You will hear from me later this week I am sure.

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