Simultaneous client connection limit

  • Simultaneous client connection limit???

    what exactly does that mean
    under advanced options when creating a rule

  • It's how many connections per client are allowed to make for the in the rule specified traffic. For example if you want to throttle down smtp worms you could say only allow 2 smtp connections per client at the same time.

  • well i set 15-15-15-300 on my rule that allows all internet traffic (only 1 rule that allows internet traffic)

    and i applied settings cleared states and even rebooted box and i can still get 20 connections in my download manager

    does this feature even work or am i missing something?

  • Show us the comlete settings of your firewallrule.

  • should i maybe not pm you my config?

  • This was fixed in the new beta series.  Update to the recent snapshot.

  • urm loaded yesterdays snapshot and set it to 1-1-1/1-30 and my download manager still getting 20 connections easily

    i must be missing something


  • Open up /tmp/rules.debug and find the rule in question and show us what it looks like.

  • pass in quick on $lan  route-to { ( rl2 firstfailoverip ) } from any to any keep state ( max-src-nodes 5 max-src-states 5 tcp.established 60 max-src-conn-rate 5 /1, overload <virusprot>flush global  )  label "USER_RULE: adsl fail airband"

    obviously replace firstfailoverip for my gateways ip address

    and with this rule being the only pass i can get 20 connections in my download manager


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