Allow incoming connection to a URL based on IP address

  • We would like to able to filter incoming connections based on the URL.  For example

    We would like to be able to filter at the firewall so that site1 is open to anyone but site2 will only allow access for a particular ip address.  We don't want to do this at the web server.

    Thanks Gord.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You would need a reverse type proxy for this sort of filtering.  Firewall has no way of looking at that traffic it just sees a connection from src IP:port to dst IP:port , so you either need to change the the dest IP or the port and then you could filter on src IP.

    You could look at the squid3 packare or the proxy server modsecurity package - both state they can be used as reverse proxy.  This should allow you to put in such filtering.

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