Using aliase to specify a list of ports - V1.2 interface change problem

  • I'm adding some more to the wiki on setting up multi WAN in version 1.2, but I've run into a little problem  :-[

    In the old version- 1.1 (see this wiki page)
    you can set up the alias and then setup the rule with the Destination field referencing the aliase.

    In 1.2 youcan still set up the alias OK, but the firewall rule now splits the destination into destination and destination port range.

    I can only put the alias for the port list into the destination field, but this never triggers.

    I could just put in a rule for each port required, but this is clumsy compared to the old way.

    Is there (will there soon) be a better way to do this?

  • Bump - or I document load balancing the hard way…...

  • I am afraid we had to change this behavior to fix a number of other bugs.  I doubt we will be changing it back.

  • OK, I'll write it up with one rule per port