Access local domain behind WAN from LAN

  • Hi,

    i'm new to pfsense (coming from untangle) and i don't know if this is the right section for my problem.

    My Setup looks like this: Router (Exposed Host)->pfsense->LAN.

    I have a Fritzbox Router behind my WAN gateway that bypasses the traffic to pfsense (WAN). The url to access the router configuration from internal network is "" which worked under untangle (same setup). Now with pfsense i can't acces " from my local LAN interface… it works with the Router IP (192.168.1.xx but not with "".

    Looks like pfsense blocks local domains from LAN to WAN... only IPs work. My problem is that some Programs like VOIP need the domain "" and don't work with the IP itself.

    I also disabled "Block private networks" for WAN.

    IPs look like this:

    Router (static): 192.168.1.xx
    WAN (static, Router IP as Gateway & DNS): 192.168.1.xx
    LAN (static) w/ DHCP Server: 192.168.0.xx

    any suggestions what rule and where i must create to make this work again like in untangle ?


  • Might not be the correct fix but you could try "Host overrides" under Services/DNS Forwarder.

    Create a new record with the following


    Change xx to whatever your fritz box is of course.

  • It worked. Thanks!

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