Port forwarding on pfsense with two LAN subnets

  • Hi!

    I have a pfsense box, with two nics (1 for LAN and 1 for servers). The idea here is servers seperated from LAN like DMZ thing. What I want to do is to port forward requests from outside network (pfsense WAN) to our servers and create route where my LAN users could access my servers. Where:

    pfsense wan -
    pfsense lan1 -
    pfsense lan2 -

    What I did is: –> forward --> (this doesn't worked)

    Any idea? Also what's the step on creating a route from 172.168.0 subnet to connect to 192.168.101. subnet. Please help.

  • thanks! Another question, I did what is described on the documentation regarding on forwarding with ports 25 and 80 on the DMZ zone. My DNS server resides from the LAN and Im trying to do the forwarding from WAN to LAN but it's not working. Any idea?

  • You need to add a NAT rule and then make sure that a corresponding Firewall rule (on the WAN  interface) has been setup. When making the NAT rule you did tick the box at the end to make the Firewall rule, didn't you?


  • Please note thet DNS can be udp and tcp. Make sure your forward covers udp as well.