Blocking one address problem

  • I'm trying to create a firewall rule to block one address from all local local networks but still have WAN access. For some reason I can only get it to work the other direction, block all WAN but not local.

    I have set in the LAN tab the IP Address for the computer I want to block as the source, and !WAN ADDRESS for the destination with all protocols and ports selected.

    Also I have tried just setting the not wan address option to another local address just to see if the 2 addresses are blocked, and nothing appears to happen, firewall log is blank. E.G source and destination, I can still access from

    I have cleared states as well.

  • WAN address is literally what it says - the WAN IP address. So that block rule blocks everything that isn't destined to your WAN's IP. In that circumstance I usually create a private networks alias, block the desired IP to that destination.

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