Export/import/merge/sort aliases? Length limit?

  • Is there some way to export an alias list and import it at another site, without having to type it all in again? I don't want to copy the entire pfSense configuration to another site, just the one alias list.

    Is there some way to sort alias lists by address/network or description?

    Also, how large can address/network alias lists get, and does it have a big performance drain on the firewall?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Diag > Backup/Restore. Choose "aliases". Then restore that to the other units.

    If you're handy with PHP there is some other trickery that can be done using var_export() and variable assignments directly into the config on the target, but that is easy to break if you do the wrong thing, so I'll leave out the details of that method. :-)

    On 2.1 the aliases are broken up into tabs by type, but they aren't sortable currently.

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