OpenVPN peer to peer shared key not pushing local network

  • Hello,

    I am perplexed, I have an OpenVPN server in our office doing a peer to peer shared key with 2 remote offices joining, I used to be able to see the remote internal IP's for file sharing and RDP but first one stopped working and then the other… There are no errors and they show connected in the OpenVPN status, firewall is set on the OpenVPN tab.

    I reinstalled one of the offices from a saved config file from when it was all good and did the same with the local office server. everything look fine to me but I cant access local IP's...

    Local office
    1 remote
    2 remote

    I've uploaded screen shots of the server and one client...

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Server is listening on port 1195, client is connecting to port 1196
    Server tunnel network is, client tunnel network is
    Those mismatches stand out for a start - I can't see how it would even connect like this.

  • I have 2 client locations and 2 servers, there they match now.

  • Post network map.

    Post the server.conf from server and client.conf from client.

    Post firewall rules from openvpn tab on both sides.

  • your shared keys shouldn't have that "openvpn –genkey" line at the top. It's probably ignoring it if it shows status as connected but should be removed regardless.

    • U cannot 'push' settings to client over peer-to-peer vpn.

    • If you want have routes over openvpn -> use ospf (more than 1 network wich is configured on openvpn settings.. or use 'redirect-gateway def1' to route all traffic via tun)


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