Multiple sources in a single rule

  • My scenario is that I am migrating from an old watchguard firewall to PFSense. I'm already happy with the results, and the progress is going strong.

    I am trying to get a firewall rule to accept the traffic from multiple sources. I can only select "bla subnet, single host" etc from the sources dropdown. I tried creating an Alias with the hosts that I want to be able to permit, but I cannot seem to select the alias in the sources list (not sure this is intended behavior). The sources are a bunch of different hosts (and a subnet) that can't be generalized into a subnet or such.

    How do I configure this the best way? I wouldn't want to create many many rules with one source in each.. that wouldn't be very effective or easy to work with..
    Did I miss something in the GUI here? :)


  • An alias is what you want. Sounds like you've already created a few. When you are creating the Firewall –> Rule, just type in the name of the alias and it should pop up in a little dropdown where you can select it.

  • +1 on what Adam2104 said.  It's not intuitive in the GUI that you can type to get the aliases.

  • Ah, perfect. You are definitely correct in that its not a very logical and user friendly way to handle this… but hey, it works.


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